The Three-Kolo Group of Knjeginja Zorka, Archangel Michael, and St George of Joliet raise over $100,

The Three-Kolo Group of Knjeginja Zorka, Archangel Michael, and St George of Joliet have been helping Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, Inc. of Chicago for the past ten years. They have raised in excess of $100,000 for a variety of orphanages, shelters, food pantries and old age homes. They have donated boxes of items including clothing, toys, books, remodeling stairs, providing new blinds, new furniture, new floors, tablets for learning, supplies of food, equipment for the disabled, feeding 300 families in Kosovo and much more.

Dr. Milos Vesin, parish priest, greeted all of the guests, including Their Royal Highnesses and remarked on the giving that has been a main staple of Lifeline for the past 25 years. He introduced Crown Prince Alexander who thanked everyone in the audience, including the Three Kolo groups and Board members and honored guests. He introduced Crown Princess Katherine and she spoke eloquently about the efforts of creating an organization such as Lifeline and mentioned Nadezda "Dody" Rakic, the first president of Lifeline and founding member with Tom Karacic, Esq. who helped to incorporate the organization. While she talked, two video screens were playing various pictures of the help received through the Three Kolo group over the years. Norma Janich, Princess Zorka president, Milena Tintor, Church Kolo president and Suzanne Klajich Joliet Kolo president were in attendance. Clergy in attendance V. Rev. Stavrophor Luka Lukic.of South Chicago and V. Rev. Stavrophor Nedeljko Lunich of Joliet.

The banquet was filled, the tables set beautifully, the Lika tambura group played but also some children who were asked to play "Boze Pravde" and some other songs on a keyboard during dinner. Many donations were given for an auction at the event. Numerous people, from Joliet, Lansing and even Gracanica attended the dinner and later took pictures with the Royal Couple.