Mission Trip 2018 - Day 2

On the Sunday of Pentecost, the group went to the church of St Sava on Vracar where they prayed, lit candles and even wove wreaths from the grasses provided for Duhovi. Zvecanska Orphanage is both a happy and sad place, happy because children light our world but sad because of all of the needs for developmentally, physically and mentally handicapped children.

From Jennifer Vuich Kosanovic perceptions: "we visited Zvečanska where there is an orphanage, mother/infant home and school. This site serves children who are orphaned, for any number of reasons, many of whom have multiple disabilities. It also serves mothers of all ages, unable to successfully navigate pregnancy and early motherhood. While the facility has resources for the children, that I wasn’t expecting, like a sensory room, it is grossly understaffed and there are many repairs and upgrades needed so that these children have a better life experience, as many spend their entire childhoods there. We also visited Vasa Stajič which is a shelter that serves orphanages, runaways and those adjudicated and sent there. The staff works very hard to rehabilitate and educate these young people, but the setting is deplorable, with crumbling stairs, broken windows and outdoor spaces that are dilapidated."

Below are some of the locations that Lifeline visited:

Church of St. Sava / St. Sava Hram--Belgrade

Belgrade Children's Shelter--Belgrade

Vasa Stajic Orphanage and Shelter--Belgrade

When the evening came, it was time to give out awards to our three children who were chosen out of 40+ contributions to help Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago choose their LOGO design for their 25th year. It was difficult to choose but three top designs were chosen.

The winners received a certificate indicating placement, with the first prize winner receiving a monetary prize of $100, second prize winner $50, and third prize winner $25. The prize winners were also accommodated by Lifeline for any food, beverage and hotel needs for the awards. The awards were given at the Royal Palace, with Prince Aleksandar and Princess Katherine opening up the awards ceremony as well as His Excellency, Ambassador Mr. Kyle Scott. Dr. Milena Tatic Bajich, Chicago Lifeline President, presented the awards. After the awards, winners and guests had dinner on the grounds of the Royal Palace.

Logo Contest Winners (left to right):

1st Place: Mihail Tusunovic--children’s home “Hristina Markisic“ from Aleksinac

2nd Place: Suzana Mega--Belgrade Children’s Shelter

3rd Place: Stefan Bajic--Elementary school “Gavrilo Princip“ from Belgrade

Logo Contest Award Dinner