Mission Trip 2018 - Day 1

Lifeline Humanitarian Organization visited several of the places helped in the last few years by generous donations of individuals, families and foundations.

We were impressed by the changes. We were also emotionally challenged as we saw much more need in all of the places visited. As Jennifer Kosanovic noted regarding Spomenak Orphanage, where the Tri-State assisted in getting a boiler before winter and removing mold and lead paint, she stated that the restrooms needed updating and a room that had a small fire needed repair. HRH Princess Katherine joined us in a tour of Kovin Where the Wuchenich Foundation Donated for new windows, doors and new bathrooms. One resident said with a smile on her face, "We did not have any drafts this winter." In both Spomenak and Kovin, they had a craft store where they created beautiful items.

Old Age Home and Homeless Shelter--Belgrade

Spomenak Orphanage--Pancevo

Kovin Psychiatric Hospital--Kovin

Oplenac--Royal Church of St George and King Petar's House and Royal Vineyeard