The Royal Couple Celebrates Vidovdan in Kosovo and Metohija

KOSOVO - Their Royal Highnesses, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine, were in Kosovo for the celebration of Vidovdan today. The Royal Couple attended the Holy Liturgy at the Gracanica Monastery, which was officiated by His Holiness, Patriarch Irinej of Serbia.

After the liturgy, the Royal Couple distributed food and toys to residents and children of the "Majka Devet Jugovica" Charity Kitchen on the monastery's grounds. The supplies were provided by the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization - Chicago, whose patron is Her Royal Highness, Crown Pincess Katherine.

The Royal Couple then attended the memorial service for the Kosovo heroes in Gazimestan, where Crown Prince Alexander laid a wreath in remembrance.

Summary of remarks from His Royal Highess, Crown Prince Alexander:

"Today we celebrate Vidovdan, one of the greatest Serbian holidays and one of the most important dates in Serbian history. We are a small nation, but our history is great. Serbia today is facing many changes as is the rest of the world. But no one should fear the future if one goes forward following a vision".

"Serbia's strong history shows us the direction for our future. We are not celebrating Vidovdan as the day of our defeat, but rather as a symbol of our nation's spirit - as a jubilation of hope and faith in a better tomorrow. As long as we celebrate Vidovdan - as long as we are proud of our history, our future will be bright".