Mission Trip 2017 - Day 3 (Kovin & Belgrade)

BELGRADE, SERBIA - Today, the travel group ventured to the Kovin Psychiatric Facility, to the Drinka Pavlovic and Dom Spomenak Orphanages and to the Beograd and Vasa Stajic Shelters in Belgrade.

Our Lifeline travelers were greeted very warmly by the staff and patients at Kovin, the psychiatric facility for the mostly abandoned elderly that Lifeline has supported with humanitarian aid for some time. The John and Mildred Medic Wuchenich Foundation has been a patron of Kovin for the last few years, underwriting significant costs for building and bathroom repairs, new mattresses for the patients and more. In recognition of the charitable contributions from the foundation and family in 2017, the Wuchenich Foundation was recognized, with extreme gratitude, with a wall plaque that will remain on display at Kovin for all visitors to view. Seven members of the Wuchenich family attended the award ceremony today.


Dr. Aleksandra Gavrilovic, Kovin Medical Director, summary remarks:

Kovin is the oldest hospital in all of Serbia and the Republic of Serbia and it has been largely forgotten by our people and by humanitarian groups. The patients at Kovin were desperate and unable to find shelter and help until Kovin took them in. Now, because of the generosity of the Wuchenich Foundation and Lifeline, there is hope for these patients to live a more comfortable life.

The funds that repaired the first floor of the buildings will no longer be cold and the patients will be living in conditions fit for human beings. Thank you for every time your aid provided new doors and windows and for everything that came through through those doors.

Thank you for being human.

The Wuchenich Foundation and Lifeline should feel at home at Kovin with their big family here. This is how we feel from our hearts.


The group left Kovin and traveled to Dom Spomenak for a visit and to attend the 1st Annual Dragutin Krstich Soccer Tournament. Lana Krstich Manikowski, together with her husband Dr. Jack Manikowski, are sponsoring this annual soccer tournament for children in homes without parental care, such as Dom Spomenak. Lana named the tournament in honor of her father, Dragutin Krstich, who immigrated to the US from Serbia and who loves soccer. Visit Dom Pancevo's Facebook page by clicking here and you can see a video of the athletes and an interview with the director and with Lana. More photos of this stop and the tournament coming soon.

We will be updating this post with photos from the other stops on our tour as photos and stories come in.

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