Supporting the Mission at Kafana Lifeline

The sisters of KSS Knjeginja Zorka and the St Archangel Michael Circle of Serbian Sisters, both of Lansing IL, and KSS St. George of Joliet, IL hosted an afternoon luncheon filled with tamburitza music, ethnic food, a bake sale, and an auction in support of the mission of the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization - Chicago. Lifeline Chicago Vice President, Milena Tatic Bajich, presented photos from her recent trip to Serbia and updated the assembled crowd on the tremendous impact of their ongoing contributions to those that need help and support.

Take a look at some of the photos from Milena's presentation. Funding for the kitchen renovation at the mother's home at Zvencanska Orphanage in Belgrade was provided by the 3 Kolos.

On behalf of Lifeline Chicago and our patron, HRH Princess Katherine, we thank the 3 Kolos for hosting another successful event on behalf of those in need in Serbia. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming cruise and golf tournament - please click here for more details on these events.

Here are a few photos from the successful (and fun) event in Lansing!