Contribute Recipes to the Lifeline National Cookbook

Project D.O.V.E., Developing Opportunity for Vocation through Education, is a humanitarian training initiative currently underway by Lifeline Chicago.

The goal of Project D.O.V.E. is to develop a business readiness program and certification process to be administered to the residents in battered women’s shelters in Serbia. Many of these socially vulnerable women in these shelters have young children and they need business skills and training to enable them to obtain financial security and stability for themselves and their families.

There will be many financial and human resources needed to successfully launch and maintain this program. We hope to gain some of the funding for the launch of this initiative through the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization Project D.O.V.E. Cookbook.

We have all experienced the joy of friends and family enjoying Serbian delicacies and often asking for recipes. Imagine having a beautiful cookbook with a full collection of the best recipes from Serbian homes across all of North America! Even better - imagine if this cookbook was able to contribute to making lives better for women and children in dangerous and vulnerable situations. By contributing your recipes, you will help us share the joy of cooking to help our Serbian sisters in need.

How Can I Help?

Many Kolos have published cookbooks and others have amazing recipes yet to be shared with the public. We are asking for support from kolos and women clubs to submit these recipes to our collection. Here's how you can contribute:

  • Send us a minimum of 10 (feel free to send more) favorite Serbian recipes from your kolo or group.

  • Select recipes that have already been published, are yet to be published, or are simply tried and true favorites that haven't been shared yet.

  • Include a photograph of your finished dish, if available. You can email this photo in a .jpg format.

  • Identify a key contact for the recipe, kolo or group so provide a name, phone number and email address for this person.

How Will Our Kolo or Group Get Credit?

  • Each recipe in the book will be identified with both the individual's name and the kolo or group's name.

  • This will help your contributors and your kolo groups to receive widespread exposure for contributions to this critical initiative.

  • We will advertise and include purchasing information for all existing kolo cookbooks that contribute to the our cookbook.

How Do We Submit our Recipes?

  • Send us the name of the contact person for your kolo or group by November 1, 2016.

  • All recipe submissions are due by November 30, 2016 (but we hope to receive them sooner).

  • Email your recipes and photos to You will receive an acknowledgement by email for each submission.

We hope to have the cookbook ready for sale and distribution before the Easter, 2017 holiday! Stay tuned for more details.

Supporting Lifeline Chicago’s Project D.O.V.E. will not only help our sisters in Serbia, but will also demonstrate to the world how Serbian women join together to help those in the Matica by sharing the best of our Serbian resources and delicacies.