Jennifer Kosanovic, Co-Chair

Paul Karas, Co-Chair

Marco Trbovich, Secretary

Stefanie Tumbas, Treasurer

George Topich

Mitza Trbovich

Nina Trbovich

Julianna Tumbas

Nino Karas 

Lisa Tomasovich

Helene Stone Prince

Deborah Studen-Pavlovich

Kristina Marinkovich

Rose Marinkovich

Vance Vukelic

Andy Dokmanovich


Pictured above: Stefanie Tumbas (Treasurer), Jennifer Kosanovic (Co-Chair), Paul Karas (Co-Chair), Julianna Tumbas, Nina Trbovich, Marco Trbovich (secretary), George Topich, Lisa Tomasovich, Nino Karas 


A regional committee is a group of Lifeline volunteers who work together to support the mission while living and working in a dedicated region or local community.  The committee’s activities provide the community with an educational perspective and a cultural focus on the greater mission of Lifeline.  The regional committee also plans and offers a slate of local events and fundraising activities that engages and involves the greater community while supporting the mission of Lifeline.