The Chicago Office of Lifeline Humanitarian Organization supports the work of HRH Crown Princess Katherine Karadjordjevic of Serbia. Lifeline was founded by Princess Katherine in order to provide critically needed humanitarian aid to the neediest people of Serbia. Our goal is to reduce and relieve the suffering of physically and mentally disabled children, orphans, the elderly as well as to improve medical facilities in the country.


We believe in treating everyone in need of our assistance with dignity and respect, affirming the principles of honesty, integrity and good faith.


We will make a positive difference in peoples’ lives through our humanitarian work. We will be the lifetime partners of the people of Serbia in promoting health, wellness, and stability.




Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princesses Katherine lived in exile for many years. Despite that, they have always had Serbia in their hearts.

During these difficult years, Crown Princess Katherine provided, through her hard work, a very large amount of humanitarian aid distributed throughout the former Yugoslavia. The Crown Princess believes there are no borders in suffering.  

In 1993 Crown Princess Katherine founded Lifeline Humanitarian Organization with offices in the United States (Chicago and New York), Canada (Toronto), United Kingdom (London) and Greece (Athens).

When Their Royal Highnesses returned to Belgrade in July 2001 it was natural for the scope of their humanitarian activities to expand. At the beginning of August 2001, the Foundation of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine was established.

The Foundation of Princess Katherine’s daily work includes contacts with the following ministries that have a crucial role in the development of projects: the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economics and Regional Development; the Ministry of Privatization, the Ministry of Labor and Employment; the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Health and Environment; and the Ministry of Trade and Tourism.

Activities have been expanded to cultural institutions, schools and universities by including scholarships and improving communication between students and experts from foreign countries.

Other important activities include raising money for medical equipment that has been delivered to numerous hospitals. Thousands of children from facilities throughout the country are guests at the Royal Palace every Christmas and Easter when they receive presents. Help is also provided to many refugees and underserved areas of the country.

The Board of Directors of the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization Chicago serves as the governing body of the organization’s mission and operations.  Each member of the board assumes the responsibility to initiate and establish the policies governing the Organization and to maintain a fiduciary responsibility over the financial affairs of the Organization.

Some of the responsibilities of the Lifeline Board are to:

  • Ensure that the Organization fulfills its stated aims and purpose,

  • Comply with laws relating to not-for-profit entities,

  • Develop, execute, evaluate, and approve the Organization’s policies, plans, and budgets,

  • Establish committees, task forces, and working groups as necessary, to guide and assist the Organization in implementing its mission.


We are pleased to introduce our Board and its Associated Committees to you.




Nadezda Rakich

Goran Davidovac

Ned Milenkovich, Esq.

Donna Sekulich Simpson, Esq.

Sandi Tumbas Radoja

President & Executive Board Member 

Editor American Srbobran

Mira Bjelotomich Irons, MD

Member of the Board of Directors

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs


Milena Tatic Bajich, PsyD

Vice President & Executive Board Member

Clinical Psychologist

Jelena Stojakovic

Member of the Board of Directors

Quality Assurance Professional

Sonja Grozdanich Ogrizovich

Secretary & Executive Board Member

Professional Translator

Nada Mlinarevic

Member of the Board of Directors

Director of Medical Affairs

Exact Sciences

Melanie Gruyich Sever

Treasurer & Executive Board Member

Nonprofit Professional

Joanne Tica Steiger

Member of the Board of Directors

Managing Director & Nonprofit Consultant

Certified Impact

Thomas J. Karacic, Esq

Member of the Board of Directors

Of Counsel, Stahl Cowen Attorneys

Yvonne Orlich

Member of the Board of Directors

Jelena Jovovic

Member of the Board of Directors

Director of Human Resources and Recruiting

Wintrust Wealth Management

Dragana Cupich, MD

Member of the Board of Directors



Jasminka Sarac

Radmila Sarac

Dana Boskovich Tasic, MD

Danielle Krstich Frank

Alexandra Boskovich Mulina

Lana Krstich Manikowski



Tamara Ignjatovic

Brian Jurkovic

Vuki Mandich

Jelena Mandich

Alexandra Runjo

Demi Runjo

Brittany Tisza

Aleksia Culafic

Natasa Djukic

Rush University Medical Center

Nicole Orlich


Nina Karas

Coyote Logistics

Tasha Sever

Fox Broadcasting Company

Pero Ogrizovich

Grant Thornton

Jordan Steiger

American Hospital Association

Clare Grubnich


Brent Sever

Complete Medical Solutions

Nina Ogrizovich

Rush University

Katarina Radoja

Purdue University